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Moving On

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Lie of the Century

One of the biggest reasons why we level criticisms against government is because many of its key personalities are deeply entrenched in a culture of invincibility, of impunity. These personalities are almost always able to avoid accountability because the system is flawed, its mechanisms and resources are open to manipulation, and “voices of reason” out there can always be counted upon to shield them – either deliberately or unwittingly –from criticism.

But the problem with calling an end to criticisms that some quarters are quick to dismiss as utterly malicious and negative during these times is that those calling for said end are often also the type who will ask everyone to just “move on” after situations begin to normalize. The bahala na crowd, the tanggapin na lang natin kasi clique, and the wala na tayong magagawa diyan cabal are all cut from the same proverbial cloth as the let’s move on na lang-ers – and that cloth is fear.

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