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“Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” – Bertolt Brecht

Some say he won’t win because he doesn’t have the numbers needed to get him a seat in the senate; that his effort to secure votes from north to south (and beyond) have failed because he was unable to secure the massive funding needed to conduct an effective nationwide campaign.

Others say he doesn’t deserve to win because he’ll just be a useless voice in the senate; that he will only be a minority within the minority; that the smart thing to do would be to vote for someone else who would have a better chance at making a more significant impact as a senator.

Then, there are also those who keep telling us that he shouldn’t be allowed to win because he’s a rabble-rousing, godless communist; that a vote for him would be a vote against the very democracy that the Filipino people have fought so hard to win back from the Marcos dictatorship and have fought even harder to preserve to this very day.

Amidst all the quaint demagoguery, Teddy Casiño has done a stellar job of defending himself and sharing his vision for the country in all of the forums, talk shows and various interviews he’s participated in Teddy Casino Poster 3throughout the entire campaign period. His track record, his intellect, his wit, his sincerity and his eloquence have more than adequately debunked all claims on why he shouldn’t and why he doesn’t deserve to win. As it stands, the only assertion left to refute with finality is the one that claims he can’t win the numbers game. The following, however, indicate otherwise: Continue reading

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