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45 Things About My Pwet Meme

Posted in B-Sides & Inside Jokes with tags , , on 02/07/2009 by cabring


This goes out to all my Facebook friends who tagged/kept on tagging me; sneakily coercing me to participate in these “faddiest” of diabolically time-wasting online networking site fads, haha.



I love answering meme. I love it so much. This is my contribution. I hope facebook will love it. It is so hard, but cool. If you do it, I will be your loyal friend forever because I will know your secrets. If I tagged you, it’s because I am shy. Yes, you know it. Please do as you’re told. If you don’t I will be sad but true. I wish I will be tagged always.Tag! It’s my meme! You’re its!


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