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Congratulations, KABATAAN Partylist!

Posted in Gigs & Other Events with tags , , , , on 04/22/2009 by cabring

In a strange but welcome turn of events, KABATAAN Partylist (ang pinaka-labs nakabataanpartylist Partylist ng Datu’s, hehe) has now produced the first ever youth sector representative to the Philippine Congress. As of today, Mong Palatino is now the Hon. Congressman Raymond Palatino!

Not only did the Supreme Court decision to grant the 32 additional Partylist seats result in an increase for the progressive bloc’s numbers in Congress; now the administration’s allies in the Lower House will have no other rational choice but to accept the inevitability of defeat for Charter Change.

Now, if we only had more congressmen of the rational kind to begin with. 😈

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