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On Gary Granada vs GMA Kapuso

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Whenever artists square off with corporate slugs who regard creative genius as just another expendable productivity tool, the proverbial shit will most assuredly hit the proverbial fan.

The problem is that in these kinds of situations, artists usually get directly hit by flying shit, whereas those on the other side usually have an army of umbrella-wielding subordinates ready to shield their bosses from any ensuing barrage of fecal matter.

Gary Granada vs GMA Kapuso Foundation and Procter & Gamble is just another manifestation of the pervasive contempt that continues to trivialize the creative contributions of local artists to society. Apparently, even Granada’s formidable reputation wasn’t enough to spare him from the corporate arrogance that’s usually reserved for neophytes in the music business. (Is it because he doesn’t have enough of the “right connections” or is it because he can’t qualify as a poster “papa” for Glutathione?)

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