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What does it all mean, Kiko?

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My encounters with Francis Magalona have been few but memorable.

In the latter half of the ’90s, during the alternative band explosion years when acts like ours were able to penetrate the mainstream market, we guested a couple of times in Music Bureau, the defunct live television music program Kiko hosted along with G Toengi. During one of those backstage bonding moments when our band kind of blurted how much we wanted to “get closer” to G on a more intimate level, Kiko gamely (but, of course, jokingly) volunteered to set us up with his co-host. :mrgreen:

I also remember the time when Fil-Am comic legend Whilce “Wetworks” Portacio decided to set up his studio in the Philippines at the height of his career in Image Comics. We were invited to play at the concert held during the launch at the studio premises and I was blown away at seeing for the first time Kiko doing an impromptu jam with another act. Totally on-the-spot and absolutely seamless. He wasn’t called “Master Rapper” for nothing.

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