For those about to throw rocks, we salute you. \m/@@\m/

You tell us to shut it, to give them a chance

Play these “different” tunes (for the same same-old dance)

You tell us to stop with the flood of bad vibes

As it gives such discomfort to comfortable lives


You ask we move on, but with blind supplication

That balm you would have us apply for redemption

But the silence you ask for is a silence too loud

As it cuts through the din, as its nature resounds


Days from today, when you slink from the shame

Of the things you let go, of the shit that remains

We’ll still be around, different voices, the same

Will you tell us to stop, do it over again?



The thing about silence is that it has only made it easier for the system to feed us the same garbage over and over again. If you really want the complaining to stop, break the cycle and join forces with those who would also have the same.

Make some noise. \m/@@\m/

From the cover of "Galit Kami Sa Baboy" (Datu's Tribe's 1995 debut under universal Records)


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