The ‘Ayes’ Have It

From the cover of "Galit Kami Sa Baboy" (Datu's Tribe's 1995 debut under universal Records)

Not yet…




6 Responses to “The ‘Ayes’ Have It”

  1. isa ito sa mga unang casette tape na kinolekta ko nung college.ehehe…good thing rakenrol pa rin kayo 🙂

  2. Silangang Amihan Says:

    Panalo! Timely pa din hanggang ngayon – lalo na sa ginawa nilang viva voce vote para sa HR 1109 at sa CARPER! Mga baboy talaga!

  3. A call to pinoy blogs and bloggers to link blogs on HR 1109

    We are issuing this call to all pinoy blogs and bloggers to link to other blogs discussing or posting the issue of the House Of Representatives passing HR 1109 in congress.

    Link other blogs even if your blog’s topic is not on anything related to HR 1109.

    HR 1109 is one the most important actions of the current congress that will affect the whole country and our lives.

    Let us link together to give pinoys the opportunity to be properly informed on the issue so that they can intelligently decide on their own or join a group to take action.

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