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Rakistang Aktibista 2: Rise of the Poseurs

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Barely a year left before this decade draws to a close, my “old school” rocker status now burdens me with an Amador Daguio “Old Chief” kind of dread.

101_2207Although our Pinoy Rock godfathers and goddessmothers from the 70s and our New Wave/ Pinoi Punk brethren from the 80s do fall under the same general category, “old school” seems to have become a classification that today’s younger set more readily associates with “dekada nobenta” bands, albeit with a quaint naivete.

There are, of course, meatier indicators that can expose a music generation’s (both fans and artists alike) manifest ignorance of and/or contempt for the histories and traditions behind the musics they claim devotion to. While we might all be aware of the saying on how history repeats itself through those who have no appreciation for its lessons, we should be more aware of that implicit possibility embedded in the truism: That ignorants can also end up unfolding an entirely new history replete with epic fails that can surpass even the most idiotic idiocies of screwed-up generations past.

Even as Rock & Roll continues to prove itself the most dynamic and innovative of all musical languages, it also continues to inspire self-delusion in those ill-equipped to deal with its awesomeness. But it’s never too late to shift towards an intelligent “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll” lifestyle (yes, it does exist) for as long as one is inspired enough to dig into history to obtain it.

(WARNING: Clicking on “read more” will activate the “Magical Mirror of Musical Truth and Other Holy Shit” – an “old school” relic that’s been proven deadly hazardous to poseurs.)


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Tiendesitas Music & Arts Festival, May 16-17, 2009

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n93376021014_2475Please come and visit the TIENDESITAS MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL on May 16-17, 2009 (ngayong weekend na ito!)

Datu’s Tribe’s “WHOA! PILIPINAS!” album will be available at The Jerks’ booth and a FREE copy of our FAT BURNER EP will be included with every purchase of the album (only while stocks last!)


\m/ 😈 \m/

Artworks by: Jun Alfon, Hoche Briones, Anna Cadiz, Salvador Ching, Jes Evangelista, Denes Basco, Ponj Roco Jr., Eghai Roxas, Lucy Fernando, Elmer Tori, Camille Ver, Anna Vergel, Nick Emockling, Chelony Mercado, Boy Dominguez, Alex Aguilar, Pete Velasquez, Dwight Gaston, Bobby Balingit, Monet Gaston and Cynthia Alexander;

Photo Exhibit, Musicians, Concerts, Bar Gigs, Musical Instruments, CDs, Band Shirts, Accessories, Instrument Service Shops, Street Wear, and more!

MAY 16 – 2pm onwards: Guitar Clinic – Francis Reyes; Songwriting Workshop – Chickoy Pura; Government Agencies Seminar for Musicians and Artists (Philhealth and PAGIBIG will be there). Performances: 6pm-Scarlet, 7pm Kalayo (formerly Pinikpikan), 8pm Fuseboxx, and 9pm Kjwan;

MAY 17 – 130pm onwards: Drum / Percussion Circle – Ryan Peralta; Drum Clinic – Wendell Garcia; Bass Clinic – Karel Honasan. Performances: 5pm Yosha, 6pm Bughaw Cultural Dance Group, 7pm Bayang Barrios, 8pm Sinosikat? and 9pm Pupil.


Manny Pacquiao for President!

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President Pacquiao😈

(Sorry. Couldn’t resist not putting this up kasi sobrang natawa ako. Got this from Facebook. di ko alam kung kanino i-credit. May nagsabi sa akin na kasama raw ito sa isang set na meron pang iba’t-ibang versions ni Manny, kaso di ko pa nakita. Salamat na lang kay Nato for the FB pic link.=)

“365 Days to Change: TODO NA ‘TO!”

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365daystochangeMGA MAGTATANGHAL:



This is going to be the first in a series of “countdown” concerts leading up to the 2010 elections.

Date, Time, and Place: May 11, 2009, 8-12 pm, Music Museum, Greenhills Shopping Complex, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Martin Nievera (and other…uhm, World-Class Filipino talents)

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275px-m_nieveraI never imagined I’d ever be thanking Martin Nievera for anything other than leaving Pops Fernandez. But after all the controversy generated in the wake of his interpretation of “Lupang Hinirang” during the Pacquiao-Hatton fight, I guess that at the very least, I should credit him for giving me the perfectly-timed moment to take this article out of the drafts bin (where it’s been languishing for over two months now, no thanks to a bogus writing job offer-scam perpetrated by a compulsive liar masquerading as…as…ok, that’ll just have to wait for another post.)

This isn’t about the Nievera controversy, though; but it is related in so far as the question of propriety in matters of music is concerned. So, here goes:


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