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Congratulations, KABATAAN Partylist!

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In a strange but welcome turn of events, KABATAAN Partylist (ang pinaka-labs nakabataanpartylist Partylist ng Datu’s, hehe) has now produced the first ever youth sector representative to the Philippine Congress. As of today, Mong Palatino is now the Hon. Congressman Raymond Palatino!

Not only did the Supreme Court decision to grant the 32 additional Partylist seats result in an increase for the progressive bloc’s numbers in Congress; now the administration’s allies in the Lower House will have no other rational choice but to accept the inevitability of defeat for Charter Change.

Now, if we only had more congressmen of the rational kind to begin with. 😈


Have you seen TULARAWAN 02?

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tularawan02Sometime mid-Feb, Chris Linag, a pro photographer friend of mine, emailed me regarding a photo project he was cooking up. His plan was to ask various artists to write companion pieces for a series of photographs he planned to exhibit exclusively online.

The first picture in the series was uploaded just earlier this month, and the accompanying poem (a haiku) was written by my old school ’90s music compatriot, Dong Abay, bokalistang supremo ng YANO. (Kaunting FYI lang ito para sa inyong mga nagbabasa na either walang alam sa mga pinaggagawa ng mga tulad namin ni Dong nung panahong yun or mga egg at sperm cells pa lang nung dekada nobenta!)


The second photo was just uploaded today, and the companion piece was written by yours truly. I must say that the material I contributed was a first for me in so far as writing poetry is concerned. Whenever I dabble in the craft, I normally write in English – and in free verse. I use Filipino almost exclusively in song lyrics, and the meter and rhyme considerations I employ in songwriting are definitely different; more structured, of course, mainly because of the limitations that the kind of music Datu’s plays imposes on my writing style.

Anyway, as much as I would love to post the picture here (because I was really blown away by the beauty of it), I’d much rather that you see the work in Chris Linag’s Flickr site. His exhibit is still a work in progress, so expect to see more collaborations as the days progress.

Thanks for the honor, Chris! Sobrang ganda ng mga kuha mo!



If the piece I wrote for Chris “feels” like a song, that’s because it will be. I do plan to set music to it for a future project with Datu’s.

Happy Alcoholy Week, Pilipinas!

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holy-combatDedicated sa lahat ng sinungaling at manlolokong mapanlinlang na mga ipokritong relihiyosong banal na aso’t santong kabayong nagkalat sa Pilipinas (and you are Legion).

This song was actually written way back in 1996, but only got released as one of the tracks in our late 2007 album, ‘Whoa! Pilipinas!” It’ll never get aired, of course, so share-share ko na lang sa inyo, hahaha.

NOTE: It was partly inspired by Nora Aunor’s character in the 1982 film classic, “Himala” (directed by the late Ishmael Bernal) and also by the early ’90s Agoo “miracles,” among so many other things (kasama na ang mga kahibangan ng matagal ko nang namayapang lola at ang mga katropa niya sa Samahang Sto. Nino!)


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